Because the Post Place focuses on organic rankings in the search engines it will take sometime for your posts to rank well. That is why most search engine optimization companies make their clients sign a minimum of a one year contract. However with the power of the Post Place we have seen customers get great ranking results in 30 to 90 days. That is why we have our money back guarantee to make sure that our customers have enough time to see the results of the Post Place risk free. That is also why we do not make our customers sign any contracts.

There are several factors that determine the timeframe.

The first factor is the geographical area that you are targeted. If you're targeting a large metropolitan area it will take longer to rank well then if you are targeting A smaller city or community. Sometimes if you're targeting a large metropolitan area it is helpful to add the ZIP Codes to your posts so that you can break the metropolitan city down into smaller areas. 

The second factor that determines ranking is your competition and what they are doing. If your competitors are doing search engine optimization on their websites or have done A lot of search engine optimization in the past it will take you a little longer to surpass them in the rankings. However, the thing to remember is that once you surpass them it will be very difficult for them to keep up without spending a fortune on a search engine optimization because they do not have the Post Place.

The third factor that determines ranking is the frequency of posting. The customers that consistently post every day see results much faster than customers that only post occasionally. We suggest where the best results that are customers post one article and one video every day.

The fourth factor that determines ranking is the quality of posts. If you are posting original content with quality titles and you are following all of the guidelines in our training your articles and videos will rank faster in the search engines.