Our amazing team have been working day and night to roll out a several new ways that you can contact us with any questions, requests or feedback you have for us. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you, our great customers, to reach us no matter what your preferred method is so we are proud to announce the launch of our new Support System. 


You can check out the new support system by visiting support.ontoplocal.com


 On this support page you will find: 


  • Powerful Search - Instantly search our entire knowledge base, FAQs and Forums
  • Getting Started Checklist - Step by Step guide to getting your marketing started
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Instant access to answers including training videos
  • State of the Art Ticketing System - Submit a question or problem to the team and track the status until it is resolved
  • Community Forums - Ask questions, share answers, trade marketing ideas with successful business owners like yourself
  • Announcements - Find out the latest announcements and upgrades that have come out
  • Feature Requests - Submit features that you would like to see in our product so that we can put them on our development roadmap

 In addition to this great support page and community, we have added two new features to our main websites to help you contact us: 

  • Support Tab - We have added a support tab to our websites that give you will answer your questions or let you submit a request to our team
  • Chat - Can't find an answer to your question, jump on our chat feature and let one of our friendly team members help you out!

Take a quick second and watch this great video that walks you through how to use all these new support tools: 

Please take advantage of our new support tools so that we can continue to provide you sensational customer support at lightning speed.